The IMP.A.C. it is used in high productions up to 2500 bags/h. The high production and the great flexibility of palletizing bags of various sizes (from 1 Kg to 50 Kg) allow this type of palletizer to be widely used in all industrial sectors. The bag coming from an upstream line is pressed to make it uniform and compact, then oriented according to the pre-set formation and sent into the layer pre-forming area. The layer thus composed is transferred onto a platform with a central opening, which, when opened, deposits the layer on top of the pallet carried into the loading position by the lifter which then positions it by means of a photoelectric barrier. The cycle will repeat itself until the pallet is completed, which will be evacuated and replaced, to start a new cycle. All the synchronisms of the movements are coordinated by a programmable modular system (PLC). The machine can be programmed to palletize bags of different sizes, formations and number of layers.