The company IMP.A.C. LTD has been operating in the global market since 1984 offering a wide range of end-of-line automation systems.Today the company is appreciated nationally and internationally in the palletizing, packing and filling sectors.Thanks to the high reliability and excellent performance of its IMP.A.C. counts among the hundreds of customers, including multinational companies such as ENI, NESTLE ‘, DIVELLA, HENKEL, BASF and LUKOIL

The competence and experience of our technical department guarantee the customer customized and specific solutions, able to satisfy any need.

The modularity of the systems also allows us to use our systems for different working patterns compared to the original ones.

The production of IMP.A.C. machines it is entirely performed inside the company starting from the design studies, passing from the phases of creation of the structures in carpentry, turning and milling to get to the assembly and assembly stages of mechanical, electronic and pneumatic components.

For the realization of our automation systems, first-band components are used which guarantees the longevity of the machines and a considerable reduction in maintenance over time

Finally, an accurate pre-test is carried out to ensure perfect operation of the system before delivery and installation at the customer’s premises. The company in addition provides the customer with an immediate after-sales service via telephone or modem and guarantees technical interventions in 24 hours